Pastor Appreciation

I normally create content for this blog specifically but I chose to mirror my social media post here. It bears repeating and may serve as a reminder to thank, hug or shake the hand of the pastors in your life. Where I may only be a month into my first assignment, I have a clearer image and understanding of what goes through the mind of a pastor. The loss felt by a member who chooses to leave to the pain and agony of a community of

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people I have yet to meet. The hours spent in prayer by each spiritual leader out there cannot be counted as they are like the grains of sand on a beach or as numerous as the stars of the night. Give thanks for those that live their life in a transparent bubble. I once read an article that they feel like everyone’s pastor and no one’s friend. On a side note, check out the sermon page as it is updated constantly as I look to start a “Midweek Minute” and post other sermons there in the near future. I am a rookie at editing so keep that in mind and feel free to leave feedback on the video page!

That said, this post is for those that have helped, guided, directed, corrected and prayed for me in this journey of service. Here is the social media post:

Bear with me, this may be a little longer than expected – yes I typed this after I finished!

I struggled whether or not to post this. I did not want this to be seen as self-serving. Then I thought about those that have sacrificed hours and hours in my path I am currently following. I asked myself if I would do this if I was working in retail, fast food or even a certain call center. I would never hesitate because I have been given an inside look into these people’s lives, the expectations they face daily and the pain the feel alongside the many they love and care for. That said, this is not about me, but about those that have been obedient to God’s call in shaping me.
October is Pastor Appreciation Month and it actually gets me into reflecting on all those people and prepares me for the best month of the year- Thanksgiving!WashNaz outside poor

There are many I cannot remember the names of that aided in my salvation and track to obedience. That Church of God pastor in Southern California whos sermon led me down that aisle. That United Methodist volunteer youth leader (BB I believe was his name) that encouraged my young growth. There was my late uncle (Kurt – Suzie Huth) that spent numerous hours in prayer as he watched me walk away from the life God called mt into. That first Nazarene pastor (Tony Miller) that set the stage in his staff to encourage my wife and me to be plugged into service. The late Pastor Gary was there to encourage and is a huge reason I have a library! Pastor Joe brought me into the world of a pastor in stress and the inner workings of a church. Pastor Angela was there to overcome that final objection and Pastor Jon to give me the level of standard to shoot for. Jon did not expect less because of my status as a volunteer. He brought me into his world of slow-moving restoration and taught me what real patience looks like. He reminded me that Pastor Studywe can still have – let’s say a quirky – sense of humor and be a man of God! The late Pastor Kenneth was there to hold my feet to the fire and if any of you knew him, you know he was not a man to argue with at well over 6 foot tall! Pastor Terry has become more than a mentor to me. He has encouraged, corrected and been there as a friend to listen. He has taught me (and others around him) what true compassion looks like. He can correct in a way that keeps you feeling loved and walk away with a deep desire to correct those actions! My brother from another mother, Joe walked with me as I with him through our educational experiences and has been a true confidant in times of need and in times of rejoicing.

I apologize if there are those I have missed. But note that there is a great level of respect and love for all that have had a part in shaping this servant pastor’s path. Thank you all pulpit.jpegfor being there. Thank you all for your prayers. Thank you all for your obedience. Thank you all for the countless hours spent on me. Thank you for your sacrifice that often goes unnoticed. Thank you for serving the multitudes you have and currently serve. Thank you for those that will shape this rookie in the years to come.

You are loved by a servant that prays daily for you and your ministries.

Hebrews 6:10

For God is not unjust so as to forget your work and the love which you have shown toward His name, in having ministered and in still ministering to the saints.


No Pain No Gain!

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Do it anyway.

I am a huge fan of marketing.

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Bacon of Job

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