The Unseen Path (Devotional)

I know, I know! It has been a long time since I have posted even the slightest bacon bit of a post! Fulltime ministry is something that can consume some of what you thought you had for a time. As an update, I am moved to the Midwest with the family as we start our first assignment. COVID totally transformed life as we know it before we could get a chance to know it! Pastors across the globe had to self-learn the digital side of ministry and how to transmit the messages our God places on our hearts to deliver. Just because the doors close, God did not stop talking to us (as He hasn’t to anyone else!). One of the new traditions is walking in the early morning hours with my daughter. We walk a couple of miles as the sun rises in our newfound urban (kind of) home. This is the first time we have lived somewhere with sidewalks and we intend to use them!

This walking has inspired me to do a sort of devotional instead of the longer blog post the dozen of you have come to expect. I would like to ask some heartfelt questions and I would love to hear your responses. I believe the Word of God is transformational and it should continue to mold and shape us into the very image He initially created us for.

turning tracksWalking today we decided to continue down a road that crosses the railroad tracks a few blocks further and closer to a bend. The simple fact I could not see around the bend reminded me of a conversation I had with someone a couple of days ago. I really desired to see what God was doing in the midst of this congregation. So much so I prayed to tears multiple times. He allowed me to see a small glimpse of that a couple Sundays ago in our weekly worship service (yes they are still online but releasing on Tuesdays here or you can catch them live on our Facebook page here every Sunday morning at 10:30EDT). The conversation I had with someone I see as apulpit pillar of wisdom reminded me that we may not always see around the corner, or what He is doing, but our faith should assure us He is still at work. As long as we maintain our own spiritual growth and relationship with Jesus, we can rest on the fact He is still working even if we cannot see what it is, He is doing. He is working. He is moving. Many of you love the verse from Jerimiah 29:11 that confirms that God knows where He desires us to go. The Psalmist breaks it down to mere moments in 139:4 as he says that God knows the very words we speak before they depart from our lips. This knowledge and wisdom should assure us of the stability of His plan just around the bend.

I can say from experience that if you ask with a heart in line with His will, He may even show you even the smallest of glimpses of what He is doing. Did I deserve to see what He showed me? No. But He did. I believe He did because of His love for me. What bend are you coming to in your lifetime? Is there a season of uncertainty you are facing? How can you rest in the assurance He knows what is unseen? What scripture do you turn to when you have some fear about taking the turn into the unknown?

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