About Me

I have had the call of God on my life since I was 11, but like many other teenagers that already know all there is to know, I decided to do my own thing. Fast forward 30 years and I decide to take the plunge and start taking classes at Nazarene Bible College through their online courses. This was after God decided to use someone I would have never guessed to overcome my last objection. As a salesperson, overcoming objections had become my life. That allowed me to have those objections that no one could even think of overcoming. God knows a little about overcoming circumstances though!

I am what many would consider a rookie pastor. I am living in the Midwest at my first lead pastoral assignment. If you are ever in Washington Indiana, look us up on National Highway. Previously, I was the pastor of Children and Family ministries at Pensacola First Church and served on staff for just over 5 years. My desire is to see the Church (globally) reach and disciple the lost actively. I believe we do this by reaching outside the walls of the church.cropped-img_2283.jpg

I enjoy frequenting some of the best beaches in the world as we are a short 15-20 minute drive from them. We live where others vacation! We love to go camping (when ministry and life allow – which is not too often) and will spend time in the mountains for vacation. But, even in the mountains, I enjoy being around a source of water – whether that be a creek, river, pond or lake of some sort. I enjoy fishing but could care less if I catch any as there is a sense of His creation when I go. To me, there is a calm that is indescribable when I am in these environments. Edit: now in a different state, I desire to seek out those secluded spots to cast a line. I left the picture of those beaches cause let’s face it…  gorgeous right? IMG_2321The Midwest has a different type of beauty to experience and I may just add a few pictures here and there!

That about sums up what I am willing to divulge at this time. There will be other useless pieces of information that come along in future posts. Hey, its how us pastors give sermons!

If you do not know Jesus as your personal savior, please contact me so we can have a discussion! He loves you enough to suffer and die for you!


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